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Alabastri Ducceschi export srl

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The business was established in 1965 by Giordano Ducceschi. He trained at the Art School of Volterra and in various handicraft workshops of his city. Since establishing his business, Giordano Ducceschi had his sons Mario, Giuliano, Gianpiero and Franco by his side. The small business grew over the years and succeeded in being appreciated, able to export his products in Europe as well as to the United States, Middle East and Far East countries. Since 1990 the third generation of the Ducceschi, Roberto, Ivano, Enzo, Tania and Silvia, continues the ancient art of alabaster handicraft, a material with a very particular composition. Alabastri Ducceschi currently manufactures chandeliers, table lamps of various shapes and different colours. The appreciation obtained for the research of modern taste by the business leads the owners to continuing experimentations. From these, various collections of refined tableware, bathroom fittings and a wide range of furnishing accessories are created.