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Alessandro Castellani

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This business has its own roots in the traditional bronze work according to the methods of the Florentine artistic handicraft. The production of Alessandro Castellani includes home décor and table objects, wine culture objects, souvenirs for the tourism sector, bombonnière, and giftware. After making a first wax model, this is turned into brass through the lost wax casting method (the same used since ancient times to make bronze sculptures). After long and careful chisel and polish work, the phases that will lead to the finished object are grinding, sanding, and pure silver polishing of the surface coating with the electrolytic method and coating, very important, that is done with an exclusive method and natural raw materials. The surface of the finished object is then subjected to a treatment for protection from the UV rays responsible for blackening the silver. The strength of the company Castellani consists in over 100 different models bottle tops for wine or champagne, very much appreciated by collectors. The most important combinations are made using crystal, blown glass and methacrylate.