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Alessandro Dari

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Maestro Dari, who has always been a keen scholar of all sciences, ancient and modern, blends the physical and spiritual worlds in an alchemy of forms and thought, which he constantly lives and which constantly inspire his work. The techniques he uses are based on Etruscan, Classical, Gothic and Renaissance style, periods in which this art reached its peak. Hence the use of innovative themes to create "new" jewels: architecture and anatomy elements constantly present in all his creations, as in the case of the "Collezione Chiese" (1980-1895) and the subsequent "Collezione Castelli" (1990) where, for the first time in history, architecture takes a peek at the world of jewellery. Also of great importance is the innovative "Macchinari Gioiello" collection: here preciousness dresses and shines in a quest seemingly distant from the art of the goldsmith, becoming combustion engine and light. In Maestro Dari's workshop, all jewellery manufacturing steps take piace. From melting to enamelling, engraving and setting of stones: all stages are treated with the same outright passion. Each jewel is personally developed by the Maestro in extremely limited edition for the "Historical Coliections", while all others are strictly one-of-a-kind.