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Alessandro Voltolini Decorazioni

  • Indirizzo: Via J. Cozzarelli 13, 53100 Siena SI - 53100 Siena
  • Telefono: +39 0577 374219
  • Web:
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Voltolini creates trompe l'oeil, restores antique decorations, frescos, decorates and ages furniture using artistic interior decorations in both modern and traditional style to render your interiors unique and very special. Among these, faux marble stands out made by using techniques developed during the course of two decades of experience, which guarantees a surprising realistic effect, and the new "Tables Peintes", for those who want their interiors decorated in a functional and personalized way. The works of Voltolini adorn interiors and exteriors of homes, sacred and public places, commercial and exhibition sites. All work is carried out properly.