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Andrea Fedeli

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Andrea Fedeli was born in Florence. He lives and works in his birth city and represents the third generation of a family of restorers of works of art. He attained the diploma of Master of Art, a diploma at the School of Art of Florence and a teaching diploma. He worked as a teacher in Florence, at the State School of Art and at the International University of Art. For many years he has been the owner of a preservation and restoration workshop that operates in various parts of Italy where internships concerning the protection and safeguard of the artistic heritage are also held regularly. At the same time he carries out activities of painting, sculpting and making art objects. His works are kept in important collections. To be pointed out among his partnerships, the one in 1999 with Ettore Sottsass. Andrea Fedeli has entirely hand made the works designed by the famous artist for the Boscaro collection, using an ancient technique to inlay precious wood from an age-old tradition. Currently he is working for the designer Alessandro Mendini in a new collection. Also his son Tommaso, an architect, participates in these partnerships. The restoration works carried out by him for various organisations are included in various publications. He has been present in many television programs and is the author of written publications on the ideology of restoration. He is the president of the regional artistic handicraft sector of CNA and member of the national committee. Among the restoration works carried out in the past ten years we list: restoration of the wooden choir of the Duomo of San Lorenzo in Perugia; restoration of the inlaid counters of the Sagrestia Vecchia (Old Sacristy) of San Lorenzo in Florence; restoration of the wooden ceiling of the basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence; restoration of the “Fontana del Carciofo” (Fountain of the Artichoke), in the Boboli Gardens in Florence; restoration of the ceiling of the Sala delle Imprese (Hall of Badges), Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara; restoration of six altars in the church of Giano dell’Umbria; restoration of ancient bookcases and of the frescos of the ex “Libreria Seeber” in Florence; restoration of the painted canvas of the Michelangelo vestibule of the Laurentian Library in Florence; restoration of the “mortorio” [sculpture of dead Christ] made by Guido Mazzoni for the Chiesa del Gesù in Ferrara; restoration of the 17th century bookcase of the Marucelliana Library in Florence.