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Antichi Mestieri srl

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In the shop of Mauro Agostini, antique professions live on. The company 'Gli antichi mestieri', born of the passion for craftwork of Mauro Agostini in San Quirico (Pistoia), makes objects in copper according to the antique know how passed down from father to son. Since Mauro was a boy, in his free time, Mauro frequented the shop of his uncle Giovanni, blacksmith, from whom he learned the first elements of artisan work. After his studies, he began working in the shops of Pescia (Pistoia), known for their copper work for kitchenware, where he perfected his knowledge in the field. Today, the company is made up of expert craftsmen, for whom the unique work represents not only a profession but a philosophy of life. Each article is the result of precise phases of processing such as fire forging, pounding, turning, milling, hand tinning and lastly polishing. The company, using both the antique knowledge of such processing and the technology of the new generation, produce pots, pizza pans, pans for chickpea flatbread, saucepans and various utensils. Periodically, the kitchenware undergoes analysis which certifies it as safe for food.