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Artevera by Colorgis di Francini Gino

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The product artevera® is a warranty of quality, as it is a unique product created with international patent. To further demonstrate this warranty, at the beginning of year 2007, thanks to artevera® and to its connected Process for the three dimensional production of images ®, Colorgis has obtained the "Prize for Technological and Research Innovation" given by the European Union, which every year aim to stimulate the technological research and innovation among the small and medium enterprises in different European districts and areas. Generally, in this business sector it is easier to talk about "reproduction" of a work of art, but this patent allows to talk about "reconstruction". The "reproduction" is made with traditional methods connected with popular techniques, such as serigraphy, lithography, etching, digital printing with hand finishing. The "reconstruction" of the work of art, executed with the proceeding of artevera®, is instead a kind of workmanship where the 90% of the whole work is made by hand and just the 10% is made by high technology, with 12 intermediate steps carried out on the raw material till the finished product. The manufacturing is executed with the help of the work of art slides with the highest resolution, generally provided by the Roman or diocesan curia, museums or private citizens. Thanks to these slides, it is possible to extract all the useful details to reconstruct the masterpieces' original shapes. Differences with the original works of art can be distinguished only from the back of the canvas: a new canvas for the work reconstruction, an old look for the old work canvas . All reconstructions are projected, manufactured and distributed in observation of the Copyrights, Patents and Environmental protection laws.