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Busatti srl

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Handcrafted fabrics, tablecloths, handtowels and table centrepieces made by the business Busatti, are the result of almost two centuries of experience, two-hundred years of uninterrupted life, where tradition and innovation have blended skilfully, inserting the freshness and brightness of Mediterranean colours into the amber and into the greys of natural fibres. In this Tuscan business, precious fabrics made on the loom are created, fabrics for furnishing that become the protagonists of the most beautiful homes in the world. Here in Anghiari, the fabrics are still shuttle-woven on the looms and then are finished by expert hands to become later, unique tablecloths, handtowels with such softness not found elsewhere and fabrics for furnishing of superior quality. The Busatti workshop not by chance is located in the geographical heart of Italy and in the centre of Italian Renaissance: within a radius of 100 Km Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Guido Monaco, Francis of Assisi were born. This workshop, obviously, doe not make artistic claims, but it now filters the age-old experience and refinement of the persons who work there with great skill and passion. Ancient carding machines work the rough woollens of the Apennines between the Tiber and Arno rivers. Shuttle looms, sons of the first industrial revolution, insert slowly between the wefts, giving the fabrics that softness that cannot be found any longer in modern time. Expert hands finish and embellish these products with lilies, hemstitches, needlework and laces.