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C.4 s.n.c. di Chiasserini Silvano & c.

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Since 1972, C.4 has been a central company in the woodwork furniture sector. Thanks to the originality of its style solutions and to the quality of its products, this company has shined in its creation of styles of furnishing that range from the philological study of the past to the design of timeless pieces for contemporary living. The aim is to combine the pleasure of the esthetic harmony of shapes with the flavour of tradition, through the choice of woods, the design ad consequently the manufacturing, in paticular the carving, cabinet work and the golden, silver and paintwork decorations. For these reasons the company relies on personnel with proven experience: master artists, designers, painters and decorators. Custom made pieces of all types can be made on request in order to create an innovative solution for living spaces, striving for original shake for every corner of the house, to ultimately transform the spaces in which you live in spaces in which to feel at home.