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Camiceria Baldini

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The shirt-shop Baldini was established in Prato over one hundred years ago; now Valeria manages this prestigious atelier. Many are the types of clothing created: shirts, pyjamas, boxers, neckties, blouses, all strictly tailor-made. Endless is the choice of fabrics, classic or modern, but always of high quality that come both from Italy and from abroad. Valeria, with discretion and courtesy is able to advice her own customers, who in a few days can appreciate the fruit of such experience and skill in a garment of unequivocal taste. This atelier stand out especially for the constant care for detail: the buttons, made of mother-of-pearl, are always hand stitched, following the "Florence iris" method, the buttonholes are hand embroidered. Customers include big names of all age; Prince Klaus, husband of Beatrix, queen of the Netherlands, has been a customer for over 30 years