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Cecilia Falciai Artistic Decorations, Scagliola and Mosaic

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My name is Cecilia Falciai, my bottega is located in via De’ Macci 25/r very close to Santa Croce, in the historic center of Florence.
I specialize in the Florentine “commesso” mosaic made with semiprecious stones and in the technique of “scagliola,” both on slate and inside out. I make tops for tables, panels and tableaux.

I also work on commission, I make restorations and create some small lines of fashion jewelry and decorative objects.

I learned this craft from my father, who was also a Florentine artisan. I started my bottega to continue the family tradition, but also to give room to my vision of this craft.
I think that tradition, when properly acquired, can be re-interpreted and made ductile to evolve into something new. In fact, even if I start from a classic manufacturing process, I do not put any constraints on it. I get close to the most contemporary contaminations, experimenting on the choice of the subjects and of the technical combinations, with the end result of obtaining very personal works. My workshop is an open space to anyone who is interested in seeing up close what constitutes this craft.