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Ceramica Nd Dolfi

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The factory was established in 1941, in Montelupo, by Giovanni Dolfi. Later the management was transferred to his son Silvano and to the grandchildren Daria and Natalia. Silvano Dolfi attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and devoted his whole life to the world of ceramics, which he approached at the age of twelve. With great sensibility he has been able to conjugate tradition with research and experimentations, obtaining very happy results what brought many distinctions. Currently the business is managed by Natalia and Daria Dolfi who with great professionalism create original and very high quality specimens, always animated by the constant desire of novelty. Combinations of shapes and colours are designed in the productions of ND Dolfi, where aspects of an age-old tradition appear, revisited according to the needs of contemporary taste. They are vases, plates and fine dinnerware of great handicraft value that are distinguished for their elegance and refinement. The ceramics of ND Dolfi are presented with success in many showrooms, especially abroad.