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Collevilca Cristalleria

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Colle Vilca is a company that was set up through the merging of two historic Italian glassworks, and boasts over forty years’ experience in the field of art, craft tradition and the working of (over 24%) lead crystal. The Vilca range is distinguished by a total respect for tradition in terms of both processing and style. The blowing, the modelling and the finishing of the pieces are intrinsically bound up with the magical ceremonials of the master craftsmen, who skillfully transform a formless and incandescent mass into an authentic work of art. The result is articles that are truly matchless and unique, with a marked artistic component. The features of the Colle range have always been research, innovation, quality and design. The desire to discover ever-new forms, original and never banal has, since 1985, led to the generation of collaborative relations with famous architects, who have left a significant mark on the company’s production. Thus a felicitous partnership has been set up between craft experience, cutting-edge production technology and creative capacity, giving life to objects of unmistakable modern appeal, conceived to become classics.