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Cristalleria Stilvetro

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Cristalleria StilVetro is a long-standing crystal manufacturing business which produces artistic crystal objects, made of over 24% PbO, since the 1950s. The production techniques used by our master glassmakers include, among others, mouth-blowing and turning, “verre double”, overlaying, hand work and pressing. In our grinding department highly specialized personnel finish the manufactured crystal items which are then completed by our skilled master cutters and decorators. The combination of highly skilled craftsmanship and advanced machinery results in beautifully crafted objects of a high technical standard which have placed our company among the most prestigious crystal manufacturers in Italy today. Their manufacturing activity covers various sectors, the main ones being: components for the lighting sector (lamp bases, parts for hanging lamps, bobesches, central cups, necks, teardrop-shaped pieces, ceiling lamps, chandeliers…); gift items and tableware (vases, cups, goblets, glasses, decanters); furnishing complements and crystal coupled with silver, bronze, marble and other noble materials; bathroom accessories; furniture knobs and furniture parts (curtains, small tables…); special items upon the request of the client. Cristalleria StilVetro continues its compliance with environment protection regulations by regularly adjusting its installations and equipment.