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Franco Ristori Cornici

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After completing his studies, he began work in 1966 when, first as an observer and then as an assistant, he went into the workshop of a master restorer in Florence. The artistic experience acquired in this workshop and his great passion for his work enabled him to work with the greatest master gilders and carvers of Florence until, in 1971, he opened his own workshop. His love for art, his creativity, his choice of materials, continuous experimentation and inexhaustible desire for innovation enable him to derive strength and inspiration from tradition to create exclusive and original models that create his unique style and unmistakeable mark. Every Ristori frame, entirely made by hand, is the result of hours of work in which tradition, innovation and continuous experimentation combine to create a perfect harmony between art and design. Franco Ristori’s long and solid experience, together with the guarantee of excellence and quality of his creations, have allowed him to make picture frames for great museums, churches and exhibitions throughout the world.