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Ghiottornia was born on 2001 in Pitigliano to offer at customers typical products of quality. Today after 7 year at typical products are added other for a total of 100 different products about. The point of strength of the company is that the customers come back every year to buy its wine's jellies to combine at cheese or other ragouts or typical canapés but also for the marmalade, jam or vegetable in oil too, all absolutely hand made and without preservatives. And who cannot come back, calls Ghiottornia shop and they send him the goods directly at home. Walking on road of village you can smell the scent of their preparations that attract the customers in the shop where he can see artisans at work thanks to a door on the kitchen that to make all still more appetizing. And thanks to their wholesale it's possible to find some of Ghiottornia’s product somewhere else too