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Il Saldatore

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“Il Saldatore”, the firm headed by Riccardo Capecchi, has ancient origins: for four generations, the family has been practicing the art of applied soldering of various kinds and in various fields, both for companies and private entities, producing and making repairs, in metalworking, for everyday use objects, and for artistic restoration. Their activities are characterised by the research and innovation of machineries and of always more sophisticated alloys for metals, respecting the empirical teachings passed down from their predecessors, especially on ancient and modern collectables artifacts. The art that develops is practiced in cooperation with his wife Graziella, master of art in metals, and with his children Vento and Sole, ready for the generational handover. Riccardo Capecchi also teaches for employers’ associations and training institutions, organizes classes and lectures on soldering with the goal of transmitting a craft with simplicity and knowledge.