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La Diana Vetrate d’Arte

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The artistic glass factory La Diana, founded by Giuseppe Nenci in 1948, has been working since its inception in Monteriggioni, in the province of Siena. La Diana operates with great accuracy and professionalism, offering its clientele reliable products with extremely high qualitative standards. The stained glass window workshop specializes in windows made of blown glass, painted, baked and lead bound and it is also specialized in the restoration of ancient glass windows. Luana Ticci is in charge of the design of the glass windows with a sacred subject, besides taking care of the sketch, of the preparatory drawing on paper and of all the preparatory stages up to the painting of the glasses. The firm also benefits from the collaborations of independent artists among whom are Oscar Staccioli, Enrico Posarelli, Jacopo Cascella, Gino Filippeschi, Brunetto Buracchini, Lino Dinetto, Mario Ghezzi and many others. The experience gained over the years and the exclusive use of artisanal techniques they have preserved and developed, make of La Diana Vetrate a very important point of reference in the world of artistic glasswork. The team follows all the stages of the production from designing to the final product and to the installation and set up and they can also create made to measure windows following the specific requests of the client. La Diana Vetrate d’Arte has also completed several prestigious restoration works.