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L’Oltrarno. Scuola di formazione del mestiere dell’attore.

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The Oltrarno, a training school for actors, offers a curriculum of specialization and preparation to acting jobs for young artists who are flexible and capable to follow an innovative teaching curriculum. The school is under the artistic direction of Pienfrancesco Favino and counts on the cooperation of internationally renown teachers. Special importance is given to working with the body and the voice and on acquiring a strong basic technique that will allow the young actors to mature expressive freedom and autonomy, essential to be competitive in the entertainment industry also outside of Italy. The Teatro della Toscana, as a national Theater, has established various cooperations with other international theaters. It is because of these cooperations, that exchanges and sinergies are also offered during the curriculum. The training does not only include topics and disciplines typical of the acting trade, but it also offers lessons in various fields of knowledge, from history of art to sciences. Thanks to the centrality of Florence, the Oltrarno school wants to start a curriculum that is inspired by a learning process in the Renaissance style. Its participants are inspired to investigate the values of the Humanism as a spiritual education of the person, as knowledge and reference to the European culture so as to renovate it and update it in the future. A different educational approach and one very deeply connected with the Theater and the City.