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Mastro Santi Del Sere

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Santi Del Sere, craftsman since 1989, after having trained and obtained a diploma from the State Institute of Art of Anghiari in woodworking and the restoration of antique furniture, set up one of the most lively and well-qualified workshops of the Upper Tiber valley. Mastro Santi carries out his eclectic activity in his workshop, from which we can admire an enchanting view of the mediaeval town centre of Anghiari, dealing above all with the creation of furnishings inspired by ancient illustrations which he then interprets with his own personal design. A sensitive restorer of antique pieces and a consummate master of the techniques of marquetry and carving, he pursues new and highly personal paths of artistic research which materialise in the original application of techniques of an ancient flavour with expressive concepts that are absolutely modern. Among his most recent experiences, Mastro Santi addresses themes that have returned to popularity, such as the trompe l’oeil, introducing perspectives and figurative images into objects of everyday use and reproposing the ancient relationship between the Greater and Lesser Guilds, and hence between the Master carvers of the fifteenth century and the great artists who were their contemporaries. Mastro Santi’s activity is one of the few examples of how artistic craftsmanship is not merely the passive reproduction of works and ideas of the past, but that, starting precisely from this, it can also be the expression of an artistic and productive reality that is fully and concretely comprised within the present.