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Nuova Astrum

  • Indirizzo: Via della Miniera 11, 50031 Barberino di Mugello FI - 50031 Barberino di Mugello
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Vita Perrone's artistic vocation is in her blood - her grandfather, among other things, restored the ceiling of the Teatro Politeama Greco in Lecce - and she expresses it in sculpture and high relief or freestanding ceramic objects, in her creation of nativity scenes with statuettes, and in turned ware. It was in Lecce that she learnt the technique of the famous local papier-mâché work. Author of the book "Le pietre che guariscono" (stones that heal), edited by ERGA. For several years she has devoted herself to a careful study of the colour-energy of precious stones and crystals, which has brought about in changes in her work process. Now every gesture, step and colour has a precise theological significance. Also, the colours, some of which are done in precious stones, play an important role that expresses not only colour but also luminosity, as they did centuries ago, and they enrich her work with brilliant colours, as well as with the symbolic meaning of each colour, with its chromatic value.