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PENKO Bottega Orafa Artigiana

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Master Goldsmith Paolo Penko works in his bottega in the heart of Florence, just steps from the Duomo, with his wife Beatrice, an expert gemologist, and his son Alessandro, creating unique jewels, completely hand-made, following the ancient techniques of the Florentine goldsmithing tradition. Unique and recognizable, Penko’s style succeeds in harmoniously combining the beauty and quality of the raw materials with the charm of the references to shapes and symbols of the Florentine paintings and architecture. An object by Paolo Penko is not a simple jewel, but a harmonious union between past and present, between tradition and innovation, between creativity and know-how and, above all, something capable to tell a story, to transmit a message and a content, combining it with a very glamourous soul. One-of-a-kind works, made with the ancient techniques of the Florentine goldsmithing art. Creations that are born to satisfy the desires of an increasingly international clientele. Jewels that take inspiration from the most ancient and most precious soul of the city of Florence with its small and big geometries, the swirl motifs, the coils, the freezes and all those shapes and lines of the architecture and the art that made Florence unique in the Renaissance and that until today reflect their unchanged beauty. All the phases of the manufacturing of a jewel start with the careful selection of the stones, of their cut and their shades, then to the molding of the precious metals through old gestures and techniques like the cuttlebone fusion, the damascening, the “niello," the “cesoro” and the Florentine “penkato.” Techniques that are still alive in their bottega, through which jewels, silver artifacts and sacred art works come to life. Unique creations, also in their innovative design, but that reflect centuries of history and tradition.