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Per il Piacere degli Occhi

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The son ofparents who had emigrated to France, Paolo Pizzi started as a self-taught designer/illustrator. In 1975 upon his return to Italy, to Vada (in the province of Livorno), he discovered floating wood (le bois flotté), the element inspiring him in endless creative applications. Since then he started his personal artistic production of sculptures, furniture and home décor objects that speaks of the sea, the sun and the wind. He adds copper, brass, aluminum and iron to the wood, aiming to give a special highlight to his works. His creative path of “composer of recycled materials” originates with an idea and with the following research of the appropriate media: he then proceeds with assembling the elements, coming from the sea and from old unused agricultural machineries, using joints and attaching them with glues and screws. The works he makes with his brother are life snapshots, “either terrestrial or marine”.