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Pietre e Mosaici operates in the handcrafted processing of mosaics and inlays made of natural hard stones, known as "Commesso Fiorentino" and also as "Pittura di Pietra". Exclusive Florentine art started in the fifteenth century at the Medici court under Ferdinand, Duke of Florence. Handed down until now thanks to the "Handicraft workshops", and to family tradition. The high quality of the products from the workshop Pietre e Mosaici, entirely hand-made, from the paintings to the tables, boxes, frames and furnishing objects, finds its origin in the skill and experience of Alfredo Buccioni who started his mosaics career in 1947, and since the early seventies his son Andrea and Daniele Bini continue the tradition. The workshop Pietre e Mosaici is able to meet many needs and can make works independently but also on order or design from the customer. You can find the business near the "Charterhouse" just outside Florence.