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Plexidea Snc

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The business Plexidea, leader in the sector of acrylic crystal work, offers to its customers a wide range of furnishing articles for the entire home and for all types of ambient: bars, restaurants, shops. Besides the finished products (tables, bookcases, lampshades, bathroom articles), it offers the option of consultancies directly from the customer’s drawing. Thanks to its particular luminosity and transparency features, acrylic crystal or Plexiglas is perfectly harmonized with all furnishing styles, from classic to modern, able to meet all needs. The privilege of this material is that of achieving a synthesis of design and creativity, thanks also to its peculiar pliability that allows the production of the most elaborate finishes. The production makes use of advanced machinery and above all of the passion and care of a very scrupulous manual work, a guarantee of high quality in its products.