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Raggi Ido e Olinto s.n.c.

  • Indirizzo: Via Piana, 7 - 50060 Pontassieve
  • Telefono: +39 055 8300027
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Since 1919 the company Raggi does all concerns stonework: excavation, processing, restoration. The S.Brigida stone is very precious with regard to aesthetic quality, ease of sculpting and durability; the closure of classic serena stone quarries makes it the only homogeneous type among the ones historically existing in the Florentine area. The processing techniques have been handed down over decades for 4 generations and still now the company "Raggi Ido and Olinto" can offer hand-crafted products, from the more linear ones (paving, door frames, steps) to the more elaborate ones (fireplaces, coats of arms, capitals, columns, fountains). Their products can be found in: Fortezza da Basso, Piazza Pitti, Santa Maria Nuova hospital, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Badia Fiesolana, National Library, Marucelliana Library, Marseilles cathedral. With regard to conservative restoration, some interventions include: Palazzo Antinori, Palazzo Fenzi-Marucelli, Palazzo Rucellai , Palazzo Guicciardini, church of Santa Maria Novella.