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Ranfagni Gioielli Firenze di Claudio Ranfagni

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Ranfagni Gioielli Firenze is an artisan jeweller’s shop from 1948. The shop designs exclusive lines both in small productions and exclusive pieces. The Ranfagni Jewellery are the result of a life dedicated to the jeweller’s craft. The incisions, the enamels, the stones, dominate the creations worthy of the synonym "Jewel". Dolphins, fish, blooming branches, just like nature presents them, become subliminal by the use of gravers and chisels, with an attentive eye on new market trends. For this reason, through growth and study of new design accessories, since 2003 Ranfagni can be found in the best luxury and fashion chain of shops in Japan. Their creations can be found in exclusive shops in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya such as: Beams, Estnation, Nano Universe, Andy House, Barneys New York, Strasbourg. Since 2007, Ranfagni’s jewellery has been included in the new rooms of the Pitti Palace Silver Museum in Florence.