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Robarara Interni

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Quality, uniqueness, luxury, but also familiarity and transparency are the main characteristics that distinguish the philosophy and the creations of this business, becoming over the years a reference point in the sector of furnishings and interior design. The ten-year experience in the field of design gives to the furnishings, originality and uniqueness both formal and functional. The functionality of the furnishing item blends with its artistic form, to create a singular and talented production, which adds value to the environment where they are placed. Robabara produces objects furnishing items thanks to the control and intervention of expert artisans, who ensure the perfection and quality of the creations. Precious objects, hand-made like true works of art unique in their kind, thanks to the total mastery of the most innovative techniques available: from decoration to lacquer, through the work of gold or silver leafing on metal and wood. The production of Robarara Arredi is made on commission according to completely handcraft techniques. The philosophy that permeates the activity of the business ensures a high degree of creativity in the proposed objects such as to be compared to true objects of art.