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Roberto Polidori

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Roberto Polidori was born in Pitigliano, where he has his workshop “Fornaci La Valle”. He studied architecture in Florence and in Rome. His initial interest was in painting, and in 1977 he began to approach the sphere of ceramics. In 1979 he founded his own workshop; his objective was not only to recover the old techniques for the production of everyday crockery, but also to revalorize the figure of the potter in a territorial context in which the workshops had been closed for decades. Between 1983 and 1986 he collaborated with various European artists, and opened up his workshop to educational experiences and professional training. This experience was then taken up again in 2000 within the Giardino Project. Since 1986 he has been creating ceramic accessories for home decor and architecture. Dating to 1990 are the first designs of interiors created using ceramic modules combined with a type of irregular tile. His ceramics, greatly appreciated by an extensive clientele, reveal how Roberto Polidori conceives his work in a global manner. He has taken part in important international events in various cities including: Milan, Florence, Rome, Nanking, New York, Dijon and Frankfurt. He has also presented his works in several oneman shows held in Berlin, Burgau, Locarno, Montalcino (SI), Castello di Sarteano (SI).