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In 1941, twenty pork-butchers from Siena joined together to answer the shortage of meat caused by the war. This is how the Società Anonima Lavorazione Carni Insaccati Siena, known with its acronym S.a.l.c.i.s was created. In 1960 the production of sheep’s milk products was added to the processing of the meats. In the Eighties it was the historic Morbidi family to take over the entire property. Thanks to their great experience, their passion for the land and the attention to quality materials, the Morbidi family continue the production of the charcuterie of the Tuscan tradition until today. In the Salcis factory are manufactured and used meats coming from certified Tuscan livestock. To the meats and cold cuts is added a varied and delicious offering of sheep’s milk cheese (peconino), different in aging and sharpness, produced with the milk from the pastures of the “Crete Senesi” where the farm of the company is also located. In fact, in 2015, to complete the entire production chain, Salcis decided to start its own sheep pen in Folignano, a few miles from Siena. It is a breeding farm built using exclusively with natural materials and that operates giving great attention to the well being of the animals. This model plant is in Abbadia Isola, very close to the Castle of Monteriggioni, a charming location. Inside the plant is the very beautiful outlet where the cold cuts and cheeses produced by Salcis are sold, along with highly selected fresh meats.