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Sandro Gozzi

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The ancient Medieval and Renaissance ceramic art, with its decorations of unmistakably beautiful color palette, comes to life again in Sandro Gozzi’s creations: “Maestro d’Arte” (master of arts) a graduate of the Istituto d’Arte of Florence and a specialist in artistic ceramics and decoration. After years of experience gained in a few Tuscan ceramic workshops, this artisan/artist opened his atelier in Montespertoli, in the province of Florence where his wonderful ceramics, entirely made by hand, are created. The reproductions are inspired by ancient shapes and décors and heritage of the local ceramic tradition, along with experimentations of original artifacts in refractory ceramic and raku techniques. Over time, he has started to add to his production an interest for transmitting his technical and manual knowledge through the introduction of experiences with ceramic art in schools and also organizing workshops and classes in his own atelier.