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Silvia Logi Artworks

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Silvia Logi lives and works in Florence. In late 2005 she begins a self-taught artistic journey which will in a short time transform her love of colours and natural materials into her primary activity. Her art reflects her whole philosophy of life: to find the beauty beneath the surface, using poor or recycled materials for artistic purposes, which bear in themselves the beauty of the objects that were once, combined with elements from nature: drift woods, which have travelled in rivers and into the sea and that often become invisible in their everyday abundance. She gives life to her creations by re-discovering a kind of crystallized childhood where everything is free and possible, where imagination can be expressed at full power without the constraints of an already learned technique. The greatest freedom is absolutely essential and emerges from each of her creations: painting/sculptures but also art decor, everyday objects interpreted in a painted three-dimensional art. Silvia creates with equal passion small crafts and ornaments, home accessories, panels and 3d paintings paintings and sculptures. The shop I&L Firenze sells her handmade articles. The shop is open from Monday afternoon to Saturday, from 09.30AM to 01.00PM and from 04.00PM to 07.30PM (I&L Firenze, Via Aretina 208 e/f - Firenze).