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Simoncini Artigiani di Paolo Simoncini

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Since 1960 the company Simoncini realized in Volterra fusions in bronze and brass. The production ranges from objects to statues and furnishing accessories, Made in Italy of quality. Over 2000 years ago in Volterra, there was a highly specialised workshop in the central-northern part of Etruria (today's Tuscany), dedicated to working the typically sculptures of the late Classical and Hellinistic period. The Simoncini family, whose roots are to be found in the artistic surroundings of the artisans of renaissance Florence, descends from the sculptor, Francesco Simoncini (born in Parma 1686 - dead in Florence 1753). The Simoncinis were known for their reputation of being masters of the sculptor's trade and also of metal foundry. For generations the family has kept one of the best Tuscan artistic traditions alive.Today in Tuscany, the artisans of the Simoncini workshop produce sculptures. These Simoncini sculptures are made with the greatest attention to detail, using a unique ageing process. They are made using a wealth of inherited artisan knowledge and are simultaneously antique and modern sculptures.