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Sinòpia di Enrico Remori

  • Indirizzo: Via Volterrana, 195 - 50026 San Casciano In Val di Pesa
  • Telefono: +39 055 825223
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The mortars based on the lime putty come to us from a millenary tradition. Known since the Phoenix, Greek and Roman times, they have accompanied the history and evolution of the living art. These mortars own a natural beauty and softness and have the capacity to absorb and return the light. They adapt to any type of surface. Their secret lies in a wise combination and installation of used materials, limestone, sands and natural colours. Enrico Remori, Florentine restorer, gives his own interpretation by looking for particular substantial and chromatic effects. A challenge to overcome any materials limit in order to offer a variety of sensory stimulations, emotions and that sense of well-being which can change the living space into a soul space.