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Società Agricola Fratelli Sanna

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Sanna Brothers company transforms the milk obtained from their farm into organic certified pecorino cheese. Since its arrival on the market, over 22 years ago, the company had continually upheld the highest standards of quality. Throughout the years the Sanna Brothers have increased their milk production through careful selection of their herd; even though this has practically doubled their cheese production it had done so without diminishing in any way the quality of the finished product. The company has decided to widen its market, which starting at a local level, has expanded to other cities, both in Italy and abroad. New types of products have joined the traditional Sienese pecorino: truffle pecorino, raw milk pecorino with vegetable curds, pecorino matured in grape pomace, etc. In recent years, as well as the positive reception of its clientele, the company has received great prizes at a national level. The Sanna Brothers’ strength lies undoubtedly in their passion. Sanna Brothers company organizes guided tours addressed to groups to visit the cheese factory and farm, with tastes and lunches, where the menu offers the special products of the farm. Sanna Brothers company has set up a new shop where to sell wholesale and in retail. The clientele can find organic products and a selection of Tuscan products of other companies that share the same production method. On request, Sanna Brothers company arranges shipments. Sanna Brothers farm organizes various educational activities for schoolchildren and families.