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Soleador arte & design

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Soleador was born in 2011 when Vincenzo Amato, architect-designer and Sophie Fatus, illustrator and sculptress, met, with the intention to create both objects of art and everyday use with a distinctive, contemporary flavor. The brand offers objects with a simple and essential design, objects evoking lightness, cheerfulness and a Mediterranean taste, made starting with research on artisanal, quality materials. Sculptures that are to be hugged, to be invaded and used. From first inspiration to dreamlike depiction, Soleador intends to marry through its creations an always-refined language and, getting its cue from a primordial animal world, either plant or human, is focused on transmitting its natural uniqueness. Opening hours: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 10.00AM to 12.30PM and from 03.00PM to 05.00PM. By appointment