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Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Dott. Di Massimo

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The mission of the “Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Dott. Di Massimo” is to create perfumes, high quality natural cosmetics and food supplements designed to restore your physical and mental balance. This laboratory produces sophisticated, high quality products that are designed and perfected over time thanks to the knowledge and passion for nature, for the herbs, the aromas, the fragrances and the therapeutic properties of the plants. All the products have been artisanally made, exclusively in Italy, for two generations. All the formulas are developed and created only within the laboratory, thus allowing to maximize the quality of the ingredients used and their concentration. Their production process is artisanal, thus allowing them to constantly innovating and to remain in compliance with the values of the brand. Their cosmetic products are known around the world for their use of vegetable substances, the absence of paraffins, of the chelating agents that are normally used and of synthetic anti-oxidants. Their Perfumes are inspired by the Arte Profumatoria Fiorentina (the Florentine Corporation of Perfume) that was created in Florence in the Renaissance by Caterina de’ Medici. The food supplements are all high title and are notified to the Italian Ministry of Health. The customer service and the care of each relation with clients and vendors is an integral part of their business.