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Spini SRL

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Profilo Azienda EN: The Spini Woodcarving Atelier was started by Ernesto Spini in the 1930’s in Florence, in the San Frediano neighborhood. After having performed sculpture work on doors and decorative tiles the atelier started specializing in the woodcarving of frames, marketing them first in Tuscany then throughout Italy and abroad. In the 1960’s, a new Spini’s generation – Sergio and Elena – gave a strong boost to the development of this firm. This growth is still ongoing today with the family’s third generation that continues to enrich its collections with new products adding to their “classic” catalogue a “contemporary” one. This exact “classic/modern” dualism becomes one of the distinguished features of this firm, interpreting home décor as an ensemble of elements capable of characterizing the space in a unique fashion, far from any classification