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Tommaso De Carlo

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Tommaso De Carlo was born in Florence in 1959 and after graduating at the Istituto Statale d’Arte in Florence, he started his training in the artisans’ bottegas where he learned the techniques of engraving and carving to then work as a carver in the field of artistic handicraft. Later on, working next to the master artisans, he specialized in ancient painting and the decorative techniques of polychromy and gilding, techniques that have been passed on until today thanks to the master artisans of wood. Today Tommaso De Carlo makes he colors with natural pigments and other natural materials in his bottega that is housed in the fascinating rooms of the “Vecchio Conventino” in Florence. Starting with the ancient techniques and the decorative shapes that are typical of the Florentine landscape, he has developed his own style creating a language that updates the decorative models of the Florentine Renaissance.