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V.M. Preziosi Firenze

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V.M. Preziosi Firenze is a goldsmith workshop and design studio located in the center of Florence with an attached show room, established in 1989 by Valerio Salvadori and Marco Frangini. Both of the founders have managed, using enthusiasm and competence, to combine the skill of Florentine goldsmith tradition with the experimentation of technical innovation. In 1995, the workshop received first prize in the “Carlo Balducci” award, organized by the Rotary Club of Florence. In 2003, they once again received first prize as “Best Goldsmith Atelier in Florence” in the competition organized by the Professional Jewellery School Perseo of Florence. Also, in 2007 the same workshop came in third in the Design section of the “Vespucci Award”, an event organized by the Tuscan Region. In April 2007, a jewel of Valerio Salvadori and Marco Frangini called "Ring Redó" becomes part of the permanent collection of contemporary jewelery at the Museo degli Argenti in Palazzo Pitti of Florence. Besides during various editions of Florentine events, such as “Gift Mart and the International Craft Fair”, Valerio Salvadori and Marco Frangini have shown their collections in a wide range of exhibits, among which: 1999, Tokyo-Japan, I.J.T ; 2000, Vicenza-Italy, Fiera della Gioielleria; 2001, Milano-Italy, Macef; 2006, Florence-Italy, “Arte Orafa a Firenze”, Fortezza da Basso; 2006, Florence-Italy, “Lampi d’Ingegno”, The “Museo degli Argenti” (The Medici Treasury); 2007, Sharjah-EAU,“Italian Lifestyle in the Emirates”; 2008, Florence-Italy, “Gold Edition - Wine & Fashion Florence”; Museum of Orsanmichele 2014, Florenze-Italy, “Un Mare di Preziosi”, Palazzo Medici Riccardi and National Central Library of Florence.