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Val d’Arno – Impruneta

Wood, fabric and clay in the land of grapes

Versatility is a gift. It belongs to those people who are able to direct their gaze on unusual paths, overcome established traditions and invent their own way. It happens in Impruneta, where some craftsmen have deviated from the culture of the majestic ornamental containers of clay.

Considered by many to be the best for strength and aesthetics, Impruneta terracotta is the key element of the local daily life and business activities. Its bright red pigment is present in street furniture, roofing, terraces, home courtyards and gives to the city and its surroundings an unmistakable appearance.

Florence is strongly affected by this product: your eyes will meet it in the soft red of some churches and among ornaments of Renaissance palaces. But in a corner of countryside, to pot-bellied jars of more than a meter that stand out guarding gardens and fountains, some brave craftsmen have replaced niche products:
• sculptures, statues and wooden minimalist compositions that portray quirky and imaginary characters
• scarves, coats, bags and accessories of eco-friendly fabric
• small earthenware furnishings, such as lamp bases, outdoor planters, garden statues, sundials

And the surprises don’t stop there. In the heart of Tuscan wine production, an event for adults and children that will give you unforgettable moments: the feast of Grapes. Let the journey begin: follow the itinerary.