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Acqua dell’Elba – Piazza S. Giovanni

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Chiara, Fabio and Marco, all three from the Island of Elba, have let their inspiration come from the fresh breeze, from the intoxicating aromas of the trees, from the wind of the Island of Elba, and have transformed this emotion into a fragrance. It is indeed something more than a fragrance, it is a true essence: the essence of an island. Each “Acqua dell’Elba” product - fragrances for the person and for the home - encloses a secret that goes beyond the quality of the raw materials and the accuracy of the manufacturing: it is the “making” of the artisans, with all their passion and wisdom and their respect for the environment and nature. Each artifact is the result of a creative process: all the manufacturing is made and controlled with procedures based on the know-how and on handcrafting. The company is constantly researching: they have a limited production, because it is not easy to find and select the right raw materials, all coming from the territory, but also because of the slowness typical of all the processes of the artisanal production. It is an artisanal “bottega” of the third millennium, a synthesis of the harmony between nature and craft that has been a typical feature of Tuscany since the Renaissance, always looking for new ideas, always aiming at innovating the tradition. The heart of the company is in Marciana Marina with nineteen shops on the Island of Elba, one in Rome, two in Florence, one in Venice, one in Siena, one in Lucca, one in Palermo and one in Como. The “Acqua dell’Elba” is also distributed through a network of partner perfume shops around Italy.