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Agriturismo Le Spighe di Francia Giancarlo

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Our Farm is immersed in the countryside of the Maremma and stretches over 36 hectares of indigenous vineyards, wheat, arboriculture, fodder and a small portion devoted to a small vegetable farm for our Agritourism. Our wonderful 1300 olive trees produce oil of excellent quality that you can taste along with the wines that we also produce. Red and white wines from our selected grapes and that in Maremma find a suitable territory to ripen, always cared for by expert farmers always respecting the environment. We offer tastings of various specialties, like cheeses and charcuteries, from various farms that we trust, all located in the Maremma.
You will be able to also get a first hand taste of various aspects of the farmers’ world: at different times of the year, you can follow the phases of life in the fields, thus coming in contact with aspects of nature that we are not exposed to in our everyday lives. You can look with new eyes at certain aspects of life while enjoying a relaxing holiday that will also enrich your life experience.