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Azienda Agricola ‘Poggio Tondo’ – Bizzarri Chiara

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Our farm is located in the territory of the Scarlino municipality in an uncontaminated area in the heart of the Mediterranean scrub, far from the main communication routes and from pollution sources. Its history starts in the nineteenth century with the reclamations made by the Lorraine Family who entrusted to one of our ancestors the lands that are farmed by the same family still today, a reference also found in the name of the place. Respecting the environment where it is located, the Azienda has chosen an ecosustainable path, to protect the biodiversity and the cultural tradition of these places.

On its lands are grown different types of cereals, among them the “Farro Dicocco” (an indigenous variety of spelt) that was already grown by the Etruscans who in the 6th century B.C. inhabited the lands adjacent the agritourism, where were found a necropolis and a farm of which our agricultural business is a modern evolution. We also grow two varieties of ancient grains, the Gentil Rosso and the Andriolo (that used to be used for baking the typical Tuscan bread) which are turned into stone ground flours and into artisanal bronze drawn pasta. The entrepreneur Chiara Bizzarri is a custodian grower on behalf of the Regione Toscana of these above-mentioned varieties that risk a genetic erosion, besides an autochthonous olive tree, the Scarlinese and a member of the Consortium of the Tuscan Olive Oil IGP. The heart of the farm is in fact a centuries-old olive tree grove, going back to the beginning of the 1900’s that contains the typical Tuscan cultivars.