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Colozzi Umberto – Colozzi Marcello

  • Indirizzo: Via Don Bosco, 9 - 52018 Castel San Niccolò
  • Telefono: +39 0575 572857
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The Colozzi dynasty as stonemasons goes back to at least 1639, the year when Piero de’ Medici thanked Colozzo Colozzi for works done. In 1965, in fact, a stone mantelpiece was found carrying the thanks of Piero de’ Medici to Colozzo Colozzi; the find is dated 1639, since that time for centuries the family handed down the trade of stonemason. Now Umberto Colozzi and his son Marcello are the progeny of this dynasty and maintain alive the tradition of work done with the same criteria of the past, when the trade guiles and the secrets were handed down from father to son. With a simple mallet and a chisel, timeless masterpieces come to life little by little, with the most different shapes. Exclusive masterpieces, many of which ordered by customers who go to the Colozzi’s in order to have a work of art made of Serena stone or marble.The specialization chosen by Umberto was aimed at making awesome fireplaces finished with painstaking care. In his showroom of Strada in Casentino, you can see also capitals, stairs, windows, doors, fountains and different sculptures. A visit to the Colozzi’s is recommended to all lovers of those ancient arts, like stonemasonry, kept alive only thanks to these artisan masters, becoming rare in our modern times.