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Dr. Vranjes Firenze – Borgo La Croce

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“Dr. Vranjes Firenze” was started in Florence in 1983 by the passion of Dr. Paolo Vranjes, chemist and cosmetologist. Since childhood, Dr. Vranjes developed an interest and a predisposition to researching essences and take suggestions for his own olfactive memories, memories that today he composes and harmonizes in his own creations in his laboratory. After opening his first shop in Florence in 1996, the success of his renowned Home Fragrances brought to the opening of two other flagships in the Tuscan City, followed by shops in Milan, Rome, Venice and Forte dei Marmi. A rapidly growing top of the range of Made in Italy, today the company exports to more than sixty countries, bringing around the world the distinctive image of the Dome of Florence to which the wonderful bottle of the home fragrances pays homage.