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Fattoria Il Casalone di Pepi Lignana

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The Farm “Il Casalone di Pepi Lignana,” is located along the coast of the Tuscan Maremma, in front of the eastern Lagoon of Orbetello. A territory safeguarded by environmental protection that gives the wines special characters and aromas. The viticulture has been performed on these lands since very ancient times and already the Leopoldino Registry Office at the beginning of 1800 mentioned the Vigna Colombi, from which comes the name of the wines. We have been wine growers since 1960 and we have been working since then to take and constantly improve this precious bond between the work of man and of the best that nature offers, through our wines that, according to the reviews, over the years develop and confirm their quality. Pepi Lignana Wine, participates to the most prestigious Wine Expos in the world, ranking always at a very high level in the international enology.