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Fratelli Cinquini Set Designs

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The activity of Fratelli Cinquini Scenografie started in 1985 with the creation of a single mask for the Carnival of Viareggio. The firm develops afterwards in various sectors of the artistic and commercial set design.
Amongst their main works, worth mentioning are the artistic collaboration with several TV shows (Games without Frontiers, Rai Fashion, The Italian Lottery) etc. together with their production of elements of commercial set designs for leading companies, like Piaggio, Ferrero and Volskwagen. In 1995 Umberto and Stefano Cinquini coordinated a group of builders who made four allegorical floats for the parade in celebration of the 3000 year of the city of Jerusalem.
In 2000 they worked at several projects in cooperation with Nobel Prize Dario Fo. In 2005, Umberto Cinquini was named Artistic Director of the “Carnival Center”of the Isle of Wight in England, where he designs and directs three carnival projects under the patronage of the English Ministry of Culture. Also in England, he teaches classes on how to make papier-mâché masks.
In 2006, Fratelli Cinquini Scenografie designed and made sixty large masks and other set designs for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin. In 2008 Umberto and Stefano Cinquini are admitted again in the competition for second category floats of the Carnival of Viareggio obtaining five consecutive wins and a special price.
In 2013 the firm welcomes the new partner, Michele Cinquini. They start building first category floats for the Carnival of Viareggio obtaining very good rankings and special prices until 2018, when they gain the first price amongst the first category floats of the Carnival of Viareggio.

Visits by appointment only. To book a visit, please contact
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