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I’ Brindellone

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We are in the Oltrarno: the residents of this neighborhood all know one another and call each other by name, the baker, the news vendor, the restorer, the “doratore” (gilder) the shoemaker, the cabinet maker, the restaurateur. This is the lesser known neighborhood of Florence, but the most beloved by the Florentines. It is the neighborhood of the artisans and the artists, of the small bottegas and the traditional Florentine “osterie” (wine bars). Here the flavors and the knowledge of the old recipes have stayed the same over time and to discover them we make a stop at the “l’Brindellone,” the perfect place where to savor the authentic Florentine cuisine. A historic trattoria (traditional bistro), located in the heart of the Oltrarno in the Piazza Piattellina, between via del Leone, via dell’Orto and Piazza del Carmine, the trattoria is named after the traditional Easter chariot of Florence.
“I' Brindellone” is a very small osteria, its service is very friendly and it has a family atmosphere featuring simple, but delicious and “robust” dishes. Here you can taste “tagliolini” with truffles, risotto with black cabbage and the “lampredotto,” the “pappa al pomodoro”, the coccoli (fried dough pockets) filled with stracchino cheese and prosciutto, the beans “uccelletto” style, the mythical Florentine steak, the “stracotto” (a beef stew) cooked as it should be, the “francesina” a tasty dish prepared with boiled meat (lesso) and onions. To top it all off, we end the meal with the exquisite home-made cakes paired up with “amaro” (bitters).