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La fabbrica dei sogni

  • Indirizzo: Via Sant’Agostino, 53 - 55045 Pietrasanta - 55045 Pietrasanta
  • Telefono: 3286746271
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La Polveriera was founded in 2011 when Flavia Robalo and Veronica Fonzo, Argentinian sculptresses, met Alessandra Podestà, a theatee actress. They took over the management of the old Studio Cervietti, a well-known marble artistic workshop where the sculptures of the most important artists in the world have been created, aiming to create a space available to contemporary artists who work daily on their projects. La Polveriera is today not only a production place, but also a center for spreading art and culture through exhibitions and events that involve each time artists of various disciplines who open the doors of their studios to gallery owners, aficionados and to anyone who wishes to come in contact with their world. There is a historic gypsotheque (plaster cast gallery) where you can find important casts often used during the last century for architectonic decoration and funerary art. Here it is also possible to take courses in fusion, ceramic, jewelry, design, fresco, photography, marble or wooden sculpture or of molding that take place during the year depending on requests. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY / FB: La Polveriera – IG: @Polveriera